Skin testing for a colour

Why to skin test

Reactions to hair colourants can occur for a very small number of people, in the same way that some individuals can react to a variety of foods and natural substances.

To deliver exceptional customer care we need to keep our clients safe .
We recommend you have a skin test prior to any scalp application.

Allergic reactions to hair colourants are extremely rare. Of those individuals who have the potential to react to a hair colourant, potential reactions can be detected by carrying out the Allergy Alert Test, as directed, 48 hours before.

Silky colour

Choosing the best technique for you and your white coverage

Semi-permanent hair dye options
“For locks that are about 20 to 25 percent gray, use a semi-permanent / Demi pennant , hair color that’s closest to your natural tone to blend away the greys.
Both types deposit color into your hair without ammonia; however, the demi-permanent color uses a stronger concentration of hydrogen peroxide to open up the hair cuticle and inject more color. As a result, demi-permanent color lasts almost twice as long as semi-permanent. Semi-permanent color delivers a rich, shiny color, but fades out in six to 12 shampoos.”
At the salon we have two ranges silky and nouvelle
Nonpermanent products can be a good way to get started with blending those greys away .
“Semi-permanent color will not completely color gray, but can stain it enough to change your hair color or make it look like a highlight against the darker color,” she says. “After the color has disappeared at the end of six to eight weeks, the client will have a better idea of the possibilities available to them in professional service .
These colours add amazing shine and can soften the hair .

Permanent hair dye
“There are some clients whose greys will get covered very well by demi-permanent color, but it gets to the point where they get more greys and it doesn’t cover,”Most permanent colors contain ammonia, which opens the hair cuticle to allow color to penetrate much deeper than without it.”
We chose to stock silky as it contains a much lesser amount of ppd ‘s so there for much kinder to the client.’
Having worked as a educator for Loreal , myself and my team have various trick to use to ensure 💯 coverage on white Hair.
There are many more techniques , than just applying a chosen root colour to the clients hair .
White Hair is like glass , transparent and hard to crack .
Every clients hair is different & the same clients Hair obviously changes . So new methods s need to be tried .
To get a blended line from white to regrow the line , we suggest a client goes slightly lighter . This defuses the line & often prevent s the natural skin colour from looking sallow.

Highlights and lowlights
“If hair is long enough, you can try a ‘light’ highlight, a small concentration of highlights around the problem area,”Usually grey is noticed most around the area of the part. You can add a few highlights along the part to break up the gray.”
Highlights or lowlights can also keep hair from being monochromatic, causing it to appear fuller, By choosing colors that flatter your natural hair color, the end result is that your hair will appear to have more dimension. It will create the illusion of lift

When it’s time to reassess your hair dye colour & colouring habits.

“Be honest with yourself.
Do you need to be a blonde in your mid-40s or would a more subtle color, closer to your natural color, better suit? Ask your stylist to be honest, too. ‘Is this a good colour and look for you.

Be aware of how colour treatment can affect hair. “Any time you apply a chemical to the hair there will be some damage,” But if your colourist uses hair color properly, there should be minimal damage to the hair.”
Also with olaplex added to colour applications this stabilise s the process .
Home care is super important to maintain colour fade and moisture content.
Always ask the stylist s what’s best to maintain your hair .

We pride ourselves on working a colour plan for our clients .
Please call the salon for a free consultation.
We require all new client to have a skin test 24 hours prior to any colour service .
Roberts steel hairdressing

Preston Salon open Easter weekend

Something for everyone over Easter 🐣

Kids cuts and styles .
Teenage colours and styling.
Weekend party hair bouncy blows .

Bridal wedding hair styling through out Lancashire 2018/19

With our first wedding the beginning of February! We are in discussions as a team with that the key 2018 wedding looks seem to be .
Feeding from our brides of 2017 requests and the wedding fashion world .
We are seeing a strong desire for the love chignon/ bun carrying on into 2018.

With popular icons such as pippa Middleton wearing a full up do , certain styles become more popular.

Sister princess Kate 💗 always wears a classic low look well .

Now the big question has to be , what will the new princess to be wear her hair like ??????

We still had a lot of requests for Stunning Michelles , soft Hair pin backed look .

What will be you look for your special day ?

For help in choosing the right look for you , please call the salon and book a free consultation with one of the team .
Call 01772 717631 .💕

Bellow is a just a few of our bridal looks , that have been created by our very talented and professional team .

We offer a in Salon service , also a call out service to your venue or home .

All the bridal party can be styled together within the salon with us having a team of stylist .

Offering looks for Mother of the bride styling , bridesmaid and flower girl
Need to hear it from others how good we are …
Ask our fellow wedding friends .


Wedding Chair Covers
pg=sponsor&pd=1054&it=86 Jen WILLIAMS .

Wedding styling on Christmas Eve eve @ Hoghton tower


January colour sale in Preston salon

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Merry Christmas and a huge thank you

Lee and I would like to thank you so much, for your continued support through what has been a challenging year health wise .

we are incredibly lucky to have such loyal clients and a fabulous team .

we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and healthy new year.







Hannah and laura are open 9-12 on xmas eve offering blow dry and hair ups .



Pre Christmas colour offer Preston Salon


Yes The lull before the storm….
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we are Preston’s stockists of this amazing brand 

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Christmas is a busy time for is all.

we will be opening our doors for longer , to ensure we can fit around your busy life styles .

We will be opening until 5 pm every Saturday throughout December 🎄

christmas weeks opening times are …..

Monday 9-30-7

Tueaday 9-30-6

wednesday 9-30-8

Thursday 9-30-8

Friday 9-7

Saturday 9-5.

We have availability for our princess parties on Mondays and Tuesdays through December.

Looking forward to styling  you for the party season .

Roberts Steel team 💜