Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Natalie

I’m the owner of Roberts-Steel Hairdressing and I’ve been in the trade for over 30years. I’m just as passionate now as the day I started, and throughout my career, I’ve always been supported by a wonderful team of stylists.

I’ve been incredibly blessed with the opportunities I’ve had in my career so far. In my previous role as a Technical Consultant for L’Oreal Professional, I travelled around the North West training hair salons in all aspects of hairdressing. It also gave me the amazing opportunity to work alongside celebrity hairdressers.

I regularly update my skills, meaning I can continually offer the best service possible to my clients. Alongside hairdressing, I have also completed my assessors and internal verification award, and a Media Make-up course at Preston College. 
Kevin murphy session stylist .

On going training in colour with Neal and wolf .

I love putting together my team for large events such as our current one ( Miss Lancashire ).

As you can see, I love learning new skills and passing my knowledge on to my clients and the team at Roberts-Steel Hairdressing. Please get in touch for an informal chat about how I can help you!

Tell us a random fact about yourself 

I once danced in the Nutcracker with the Royal Ballet.

Natalie Roberts-Steel

Hi, I'm Hannah

I’m the assistant manager here at Roberts-Steel Hairdressing. 

I love socialising with the clients, and I make sure everything in the salon runs smoothly. I’m here to assist in any way I can, so if you need anything – just ask!


If you had a superpower what would it be ?

To be invisible!

Hi, I'm Lois

I’m qualified to NVQ Level 2 & 3 in women’s hairdressing. I’m Olaplex and Glowwa certified and I’m a Neal and Wolf colour influencer.

I love working at Roberts-Steel as I learn something new every day. My passion for hairdressing has grown since joining the team and you could say I’m a bit of a hair nerd!

I want my clients to feel their best self, so my main priority is to create a great salon experience. I love making people smile and keeping up to date with current trends and aesthetics.

Tell us a random fact about yourself

I know every word to Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc!

Hi, I'm Steph

I’m one of the senior stylists here at Roberts-Steel Hairdressing. I joined the team in 2019 and I’m qualified to NVQ Level 2 & 3 in hairdressing. I’m also trained in advance colour correction, hair extensions Neal and wolf  retail.

I’m super patient, and in the salon, I’m known as the foil master – I’m great at getting you blonde. I’m quite the colour geek and love it when clients want a colour change!


Tell us a random fact about yourself

I love my girls more than the world.

Hi, I'm Meera

I’m qualified to NVQ Level 1, 2, & 3 in hairdressing.

I have been at the salon for now for 5 years 

Hairdressing is my passion! I like to keep my skills up to date by learning new techniques and taking on new challenges. I’m always working to become the best version of myself!

I like to make my appointments enjoyable, because I want my clients to be relaxed and have a great time.

Tell us a random fact about yourself

I love coffee! I can’t start my day without it.