Jenna and Daniel get hitched .Preston church followed by a Lytham venue

Adorable sweethearts Daniel and Jenna have been coming in my salon since they were at high school.

There courting was was incredible precious to see.
Dating each other’s through there teens they strived for there great professions and purchase of there own home.

True old fashioned romance.
The older I get the more emotional I’ve got.

The build up to Jenna and Daniels wedding was huge for me .
Daniels mum I met whilst doing her hair at my first salon in Lea.

We’ve become great friend s spending time with each other’s families.

I was asked by Jenna to style her and her bridal party .

As always I spoke about how we would need trials to the bridal party ,before the event to ensure they liked my work ,and that we could create the perfect durable look.

Jenna her mum and I started with our plans.
Booking pre colour services, make up & hair practices ,I often stayed at the salon late to get the right look for the both ,this became a social event (haha) not work. Wine was supt and styles were created .

I informed them of fellow bridal experts for them to use and learnt about others they had come across.

We decide that it was best for myself to accommodate the brides bridal party hair.
My team would look after the grooms party so this included Alison and my other special friends attending the wedding …….

The Friday before the wedding , Jenna , Alison , clare , Daniel and his best man arrived at the salon for there pre wedding pamper .
The Girls had there rollers put in .
The boys had there hot towel cut throat shave by mr@fulwood ( barbers situated with in my building .

(Picture of Daniel & Jenna at the alter practicing there vows)
Photo by rt productions.

The wedding day arrived .
I arrived at Jenna’s mums house for 7 am start.
I was greeted by them both in pjs & dressing gowns getting out of there car.
They had decided to go up to the church to set out the rose petal baskets & signs.this set us all off into laughter !!!!!!!!
They spoke of how thoughts had come into there heAds through the night and they thought well were up we may as well go and do….

Jill had created a salon area in her conservatory for me .
My rollers were on , wands were plugged in , make up was laid out I was ready to start.
The bridesmaids arrived , flower soon after by and the photographer who I have to say Joanne was fabulous and a dream to work with .

We had a lovely morning the sun was out in full, pictures were taken in the garden ,the girls opened gifts and a few tears were shed at the amazing poem Jill wrote for Jenna.
I was incredible moved thinking of years ahead to my 2 daughter special day.

I finished my looks on time ,leaving Jenna’s dad walking up the stairs to see his daughter ready !!

I arrived then to the church to see the ceremony & be on hand for the bridal party.

I immediately saw one of my friend that had been to my salon and had her hair done by Margo one of my stylists.
It was fabulous , my eyes scanned to the front of the church I could see clare who had also been to the salon and had Katy.

Jenna arrived at the top of the isle .
I chose to look at the congregation and take in there faces S I had already had the opportunity of seeing her beauty back at the house .
Jenna was the perfect beauty*

The ceremony was lovely , the choir were modern and it had a freash feel .
The parents , bridal party rose to sign the register. I finally saw Alison.
Her hair was absolutely fabulous ,I was immensely proud of Katy’s work.

The wedding went onto the venue of the Clifton arms in Lytham .
My husband lee & I attended in evening .
The band the dead beats were playing this was the same band we had 10 years ago at our wedding they were still really great . We had a fabulous night

Wishing Jenna & Daniel many happy years ahead of them x