Getting back behind the chair , after an operation

In febuary this year, I chose to have my varicous veins removed.
I’m now on day 10! On recovery from op on leg number 2 .
I feel great today . And my leg wounds are healing well.
I’m one of those patients ,who struggles
to rest, yet this time…after a difficult time last time,I’ve really done that.
Tomorrow is a test for me ( and exciting time) I return back behind the chair for one bride only!!!!
I absolutely love my job, and by having this operation I have made sure, I am able to continue in my wonderful proffessional.
I’m off work again after tomorrow , until next fri 6 th July. For my prom girls ….
And then off again until the following Wednesday 11th July.
This way I ease my body back into it role
Oh the head battle with the poorly body .
I’m sure there s lots of others like me out there .
Luv my job x

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