My out of boudoir experience


Well today was not just not average Thursday !

Awake …. Clean up..
Lorna Roberts photography arrives to home .. Strip off for a boudoir shoot.
Eat lunch…..
Go to school to talk to reception children about hairdressing….
Pick up kids from school……
Go food shopping…..
Make tea..
Put kids to bed …
Look at boudoir pic of me !!!!!!
Send to husband …….
Post on Facebook & twitter and wait for the comments ….


Myself and lorna have been doing our boudoir shoot s for 12 month now and they have taken off with a BANG.
I’ve reassured ladies whist doing there hair and make up that they will be fine and love the end results .
I’ve watched ladies twist and pose as lorna directs them to where they need to lay .
The reaction from our ladies is gushing when they see there fabulous pictures .
We’ve had ladies cry ! It’s such a big moment for them as so many emotions have been experienced . Worry , self-esteem, courage, relief , humour , sexy, excitement .

Today I was that girl with all of those emotions .
Worrying about my tummy ! Should I eat ??
What to wear ??
Tan , make up , hair ( me doing it ) !!
Will my husband like the pictures & will he be ok with me using to PR the shoots !
What will others think.

Lorna arrived we chatted like friends do , I showed her what I had to wear , spoke about pose and area of light . And then got down to my undies!!!!!!
It’s was hilarious we had fun ..
I have a water bed .lorna has to sit on it to take pics of me on the chair,we did giggle while she wobbled with the camera . I nabbed it from her and took pics of her…

The shoot took about an hour and a half .

I felt totally comfortable and actually forgot I was wearing very little.
I’m not the best at looking into a lens ,keeping my eyes open and mouth shut ,but today it just felt natural .

When I saw the pics ……
Wow wee….
Lorna makes the pictures tasteful , and captures your beauty.
I’m thrilled I’ve done it .
I am a mummy , wife , business owner . And whilst I’ve got my but out to show others what they could have ,I’ve also done it for me !!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies book yours through us . 01772717631.

( privacy of course is a must with u guys ) x