Roberts steel hairdressing visit New York


lee and I visited the sates for our summer holidays .

Whilst in the heart of New York being the geek I am !
My eyes tap into the hairstyles and fashion on the street.

I was interested to see what the hipsters were wearing and how they were styling there hair .
Here are some snap shots bellow.image



Boys had under cuts , flicks & long too sections .
Afro hair was worn much more in its natural fro!!!! State , this was great to see.
Lots of braiding this summer , baliage / root drag colours & ashen blondes.

I found myself down a side street off seventh ave.
This street was full of fabric shops and prom dresses.
I was amazed at the styles , quality and the price !!!! These dresses were $15.00 .stunning .



Americans are the leaders of proms,they pull out all the stops for there collage leavers .the outsides of houses & there verandas are decorated with swags & bows ect . Americans love to celebrate .
Will this be what happens in the uk in another 5-10 years .?

Long dresses still seem to be the most popular & bold colours for 2015. Which I have to say are still my favourite .

Look forward to sharing my experiences and ideas with you all .