Vintage bridal hair in skipton lancashire by Roberts steel hairdressing


When I was asked to be the stylist for Gina I was absolutely thrilled !
Gina was having a vintage themed wedding so I new my vintage hairdressing skills would be able to go whiled..

Gina is best friend of my business parter nicola owner of
Nicola is vintage mad !! And totally suits the look.

Gina and Richie Chose a stunning venue .

Hannah my junior & I traveled from home which took just 40 mins to the venue.
It was a beautiful morning I explained to Hannah how incredible lucky we were to have such a flexible job role getting out & about day to day .
We play a big part in peoples wedding days the preparation is so important …..
We often dress brides and help in any way we can .

Pre wedding prep is caught on camera by the photographers , this is great memories for bride & grooms having fun with there friends .
Gina used
James was really easy to work alongside and his work is incredible .

It was only as gina and her bridesmaids were getting ready nicola stated that I had styled all of them .
I left the venue feeling really touched that I was part of a lovely group of girls special days .
N. X